An exquisite musical journey exploring country traditions. Drawing influence from Cuba, Argentina, Morocco, Senegal, Spain, Brazil and Portugal, Babel fuses world music with her own jazz touch – a passionate and moving exploration of world music and its heritage. A celebration of the most important woman in the life of a human being: ‘the hands of my mother’.”

Brighton Fringe

With a rich coloratura of her voice timbre as peculiar as expressive, Babel knows how to take you to her world and leaves no one indifferent”.

Distrito Jazz

The chosen themes, as well as the musicians that accompany her, they are an example of the multicultural, and aspect that has been defined for this woman who, I have the feeling, does what she really likes, away from conventionalisms and discography demands, that usually look for profit more that quality”

La Habitación del Jazz

Babel Ruiz brings us on a musical trip to our ancestors. It doesn’t matter if you call it Blues, or Jazz, or Flamenco, or Fado. It is the Music, as World Heritage, what is present, making our primary emotions fly, given that with one hand she shows the reality of our mad world and, with the other, she transforms them into bright energy”.

World music magazine