2019 UK Tour





”It is time to understand that we are different; that we think, feel and even smell different”. With this sentence Babel continues a trip that goes back in time until the time of our anthestres, to bring this mix of cultures using her voice as a magical instrument that will take us to lost territories.

An exquisite musical journey exploring country traditions. Drawing influence from Cuba, Argentina, Morocco, Senegal, Spain, Brazil and Portugal, Babel fuses world music with her own jazz touch – a passionate and moving exploration of world music and its heritage. A celebration of the most important woman in the life of a human being: ‘the hands of my mother’.”

Brighton Fringe

Las manos de mi madre’, or ‘the hands of my mother’, is a compilation of sounds and stories brought from the heart of different cultures of the world around a theme that connects with all human beings: the mother.







SATURDAY 18/05/2019


Venue: Babel Art House

Show: Babel Ruiz Trio 

Tickets: www.eventbrite.co.uk 







MONDAY 20/05/2019 & TUESDAY 21/05/2019


Brighton Fringe Festival

Venue: The Warren: The Hat

Show: Premier Babel Ruiz Band with “Las manos de mi madre” 

Tickets: Otherplace